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Taran Killam is hunting Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Killing Gunther trailer: Watch

on August 28, 2017, 1:41pm


Now that it’s clear that The Celebrity Apprentice‘s revival won’t be continuing on, Arnold Schwarzenegger is once again freed up to do whatever it is that a former bodybuilder/California governor and current movie star might do, whether it’s starting shit with Nickelback on Twitter or being publicly insulted by our idiot president.

But in the interim, the legendary action star will continue doing his thing, in a context where he tends to do some of his most engaging latter-day work: as a self-effacing riff on his own chiseled persona. Killing Gunther will see Arnie play the titular hitman, a legend in the industry who’s wanted dead by virtually every other professional rival. When an enterprising young killer (Taran Killam) hires a documentary crew to capture his armed manhunt for Gunther, the seasoned vet quickly turns the tables on Killam and his equally goofy band of assassins. Not even Bobby Moynihan, Allison Tolman, Hannah Simone, and a host of other killers stand a chance against that kind of expertise. Explosions, gunfire, and a wink or two to Schwarzenegger’s filmography follow quickly thereafter.

Written and directed by Killam (making his feature debut behind the camera), Killing Gunther will be available on Ultra VOD on September 22nd, and in limited theaters and wider on VOD come October 20th. In the meantime, you can check out the film’s first trailer, featuring no shortage of Arnold in all his wizened glory.