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The Duke Spirit preview fifth album with new song “Houses”: Stream

on August 03, 2017, 1:00pm

On their upcoming studio effort, Sky Is Mine, English indie rockers The Duke Spirit valiantly search for humanity within a galaxy that oftentimes is quite full of the exact opposite. “Sonically, it’s the most tender record we have made, the expansiveness will lift hearts but the rawness will burn through greedy fingers,” singer Liela Moss explained in a press statement.

The band’s mission isn’t without its detours and obstacles, however, as the latest LP track proves. Titled “Houses”, it’s steeped in an aura of reverb and psychedelia, and conjures the feeling of uncertainty and need. “We come to see you, wake up,” Moss calls out.

“Somedays you just don’t actually know what you are feeling. Your heart and head and gut emotions are making transitions you are not fully aware of, changes are going on prompted by some subconscious mischief. Gradually the sense of ‘how am I’ creeps up on you, wakes you up in the middle of your sleep. The ‘How Am I’ nymphs flutter about you laughing and watch you work yourself out!”

Hear it below.

Sky Is Mine arrives August 17th through Ex Voto Records. Pre-order it here.

Sky Is Mine Artwork:
duke spirit sim The Duke Spirit preview fifth album with new song Houses: Stream

Sky Is Mine Tracklist:
01. Magenta
02. Bones of Proof
03. See Power
04. In Breath
05. Houses
06. How Could, How Come
07. YoYo
08. The Contaminant
09. Broken Dream

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