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The Jetsons revived as live-action television series by ABC

on August 17, 2017, 5:45pm

Earlier this summer, news emerged that Hanna-Barbera’s oft-parodied daytime cable mainstay The Jetsons would be making a theatrical comeback as an animated feature. But since the children of today and yesterday alike are apparently clamoring for more throwback #content, another update of the show is in the works, this time circling back around to the smaller screen.

As announced today, ABC will reboot The Jetsons as a live-action TV series, reportedly “based on the original animated series, set 100 years in the future and [revolving] around America’s favorite future family — told through a modern filter.” The Hollywood Reporter notes that ABC broadcast the original series in the early 1960s, at least as the first of its several eventual homes, so it’s a true moment of a property coming full circle after more than 50 years.

The Reporter article notes that the aforementioned film update is also still in progress, though we’d hardly be shocked if one of these were to budge, unless we are now truly staring down the barrel of a Jetsons-based cinematic universe. The multi-camera TV comedy will see Robert Zemeckis join in as an executive producer, and will join the increasingly endless litany of branded TV properties getting the green light in recent years. From the upcoming re-reboot of The Munsters to Lethal Weapon and onward, in the future our TV will just become movies and our movies will become longform commercials.

The show will attempt to update everybody’s space-age family for a more current vision of the future, so we’re eagerly looking forward to Elroy negotiating a Mad Max-style hellscape, brought on by Barron Trump’s third clone having become the Immortan Joe of New America, while his 170-year-old father’s head continues to whinge about the exceptional people on every side.

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