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Coldplay responds to Fox News’ claim that “Radiohead is the poor man’s Coldplay”

on October 26, 2017, 1:20pm

Because the pundits at Fox News are as out of touch culturally as they are politically, a recent segment on the Greg Gutfeld Show found correspondent Kat Timpf going in on Radiohead of all bands. A few days ago, Gutfeld doubled down on Timpf’s statements. “You know, Radiohead is a fine band but they stole everything from Coldplay,” he said. “Like Radiohead is the poor man’s Coldplay.”

That Coldplay formed the year after the release of Radiohead’s second album is either besides the point or just further evidence that Fox News literally exists to troll the entire world.

Regardless, Coldplay have now responded to these comments on their Twitter account. “Finally somebody had the balls to say it!” the band’s official account tweeted, and before you take the comment at face value do note the “LOL” emoji sitting alongside it. Despite what their music might suggest, Coldplay do have a sense of humor. Just revisit that Extras episode with Chris Martin.

If you’d like a reminder, Timpf’s initial comments were in response to Radiohead’s nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The sad lady lamented that their inevitable induction is “about fame, and not talent,” and went on to describe Radiohead fans as “strange, malnourished, and sad,” saying that the music is “just elaborate moaning and whining for ring tone sounds.”

In a hilarious troll move, Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood updated his Twitter bio to read, “my life in the gush of boasts……….’strange, malnourished and sad’ (fox news – *spits three times).”