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The Five Best and Worst Replacement Singers

on November 02, 2017, 1:30pm
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The Best

Brian Johnson (of AC/DC)

brian johnson The Five Best and Worst Replacement Singers

Who’d He Replace? Bon Scott

Years Active: 1980-present

Why Do We Love Him? It takes more than mere skill to fill the shoes of a legend. But when Brian Johnson mustered the courage to join AC/DC after the tragic death of Bon Scott, he not only filled the void, but helped propel the band to previously unprecedented heights of success. What’s more, it took him virtually no time at all to lock into the band’s formula. Johnson’s voice, albeit gruffer than Scott’s, came in pretty close to the real thing, and the runaway success of Back In Black more or less cemented his place in the band.

Best Example: Back In Black might as well be the roadmap for how to successfully transition into life with a new singer

Greatest addition beyond vocal duties: More than 30 years later, there’s still nothing cooler than that Kangol hat, right?

You could do worse: Noddy Holder, singer for English glam rockers Slade, auditioned for Johnson’s gig. Let’s just be thankful that didn’t pan out.

-Ryan Bray


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