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Björk shares heavenly harp remix of “Blissing Me”: Stream

on December 13, 2017, 12:15pm

Feature photo by by Santiago Felipe

Björk plans to drop a new live album version of Utopia featuring more emphasis on flutes. The wind instrument played an integral role throughout the LP as well as in the recently released music video for the title track.

However, the flute isn’t the only instrument to be in Björk’s current spotlight, as she’s just shared a new “Harp Version” remix of the single “Blissing Me”. While the original was subdued, this update takes on a more ethereal, almost heavenly ambiance.

Additionally, the Icelandic artist has revealed a “Blissing Me” rework by past collaborator serpentwithfeet, in which the two duet. Check out both versions of the song below.