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Ed Sheeran wants to make a lo-fi album inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska

on December 10, 2017, 11:40pm

Photo by ​Nathan Dainty

Ed Sheeran occupies a pretty specific place in the pop singer-songwriter landscape. It’s a world where it makes sense that he’d appear on Taylor Swift’s new album, yet also where hearing him duet with Beyoncé isn’t out of the realm of possibility. But it’s when he starts collaborating with Eminem that your understanding of the universe starts to unravel. Well, get ready to throw out everything you thought you knew, because now the Ginger Jesus wants to follow in the path of The Boss.

In a new interview with The Times, Sheeran expressed his desire to get away from writing massive pop songs and instead record a “lo-fi” album inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s classic Nebraska. He’s aware that such a move might not translate into another platinum record, but that’s sort of the point. “My plan is a lo-fi album that will be my lowest-selling, but most loved,” he told the paper.

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Apparently, you have Jon Snow to thank for Sheeran’s love of Springsteen. “I only heard Springsteen recently,” he revealed. “I was with Kit [Harington] from Game of Thrones. We had a night out in New York, got back to his hotel to drink more, and he played ‘Atlantic City’. Then, when I heard Nebraska…”

Such an effort could come together as early as next year, or it could materialize four years down the line. It might depend on how fast his next project comes together. He’s apparently working on a musical a la Once, only set in Ipswich, England and starring Sheeran himself. “I Just want to make one movie,” he said.

It’s easy to mock, but who knows, maybe going lo-fi will open up Sheeran’s songwriting after his recent ÷ did little to expand his quirky pop stylings. Though maybe aiming for a classic like Nebraska is a bit of a high target.

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