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Father John Misty shares 13-minute video for “Leaving LA”: Watch

on December 04, 2017, 11:30am


Like much of his persona, Father Johny Misty tends to put a lot of ironic spectacle into his music videos. Take the “Total Entertainment Forever” visual, which depicted Macaulay Culkin as a crucified Kurt Cobain. Or, the post-apocalyptic stop-motion animation for “Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Before the Revolution”. The Pure Comedy track “Leaving LA” is a far more intimate song, however, and its new video reflects that.

Directed by Grant James, the black-and-white clip finds Josh Tillman himself simply recording the song in a studio. Outside his little booth there’s a string orchestra being gently conducted, adding their pretty, mournful refrain to the proceedings. Take a look up above.

Fans might have even more FJM to look forward to in the coming year. Tillman has said he’s “pretty much done” with his next record, and he plans to let it loose in 2018. He also said the self-produced, 10-track effort will feature “spritely BPMS” and won’t follow a “pretentious” singular theme as Pure Comedy and I Love You, Honeybear did.

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