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Mark Hamill delivers heroic takedown of Ted Cruz, Ajit Pai in debate over Net Neutrality

on December 18, 2017, 11:01am

When Republicans act like stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herders about Net Neutrality, you can count on a decent Jedi to stand firm against them. Thank the Force for Mark Hamill.

The Luke Skywalker actor is one of many celebrities who have spoken out against the FCC’s plan to dismantle Net Neutrality regulations, taking it directly to the man behind the controversial move, chairman Ajit Pai. Last week, Pai appeared in a video in which he tried to explain why killing Net Neutrality is a good thing (something he’s failed at many times before). Of course, everything he said was outdated and asinine (consumers aren’t afraid they won’t be able to “gram their food;” they’re worried it will cost them more and/or happen at slower speeds), but the real offense was his use of the sacred weapon of the Jedi, a lightsaber.

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Pai brandished the weapon (while dressed in Sith clothing in front of a very Galactic Empire-looking background) while essentially saying geeks can still be geeks on his newly mangled Internet. Hamill immediately took offense to such a lying douchebag wielding such a sacrosanct symbol, calling Pai out on Twitter:

For some reason, the equally misinformative and smarmy Senator Ted Cruz stuck his big, honking nose into things. He responded to Hamill’s tweet by misspelling his name/handle and trying to say Vader “supported govt power over everything said & done on the Internet.” (Which, for the thousandth time, isn’t what Net Neutrality regulations do.)

Hamill immediately shot back, slamming Cruz for his typo (while, admittedly, making one himself) and his porn habits. Cruz tripped into some controversy when his Twitter account “liked” a pornography clip called “Moms Bangs Teens 20” back in September, a move the Texas Senator blamed on a staffer. Regardless, Hamill wouldn’t let him forget it:

Cruz attempted to reengage, quoting Yoda and spouting off some false “facts.” “Rather than insults,” he tweeted, “try civil discussion of facts.” That’s a hard thing to accomplish when the person invoking “facts” is actually ignoring them.

Help us, common-sense Republicans and Democrats. You’re our only hope.

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