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Alice Glass rejects “Forgiveness” in gritty new video: Watch

on January 11, 2018, 1:26pm


Alice Glass quietly released her self-titled solo EP last August. The mini collection spanned six tracks, including a highlight called “Forgiveness”. Today, that song’s music video has been unveiled.

Directed by Lindsey Mann, it stars Glass herself as she urgently scribbles the track’s lyrics on a dimly lit mirror. “This song is about rejecting the idea of forgiveness,” she says in a press statement.

“Forgiveness isn’t always a moral act, the way some religions portray it. Sometimes forgiveness can be exploitative or even predatory, especially when people use it as a means to guilt someone rather than heal them. When forgiveness is used to create a false sense of superiority it is a toxic act.” Watch the clip up above.

Glass is currently in a legal battle with Ethan Kath, her former Crystal Castles bandmate. In November, she publicly accused him of abuse and assault, to which he fired back with a defamation lawsuit. Glass has since filed official documents of her own and vows to take the stand in court.

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