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Billie Joe Armstrong blasts Trump supporters: “I have no problem telling ignorant fucks like you to go to hell”

on January 03, 2018, 3:55pm

Billie Joe Armstrong took Donald Trump to task on Instagram yesterday, blasting POTUS for his reckless and deranged tweets about his “much bigger” and “more powerful” nuclear war button.

“This isn’t funny,” the Green Day frontman wrote sternly. “This is our president acting like a madman drunk on power THREATENING to kill innocent starving people by way of nuclear war. The 25th amendment needs to be enforced. This man is sick and unfit for office. I don’t care if your liberal or conservative.. this has to stop . Please share #impeachtrump.”

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Armstrong’s opinions weren’t completely well received, however, as one fan spoke up in retaliation in the post’s comments section, as Alternative Nation points out. “I hate to sound like a dick Billie but you are liberal and people have the right to support trump,” said the fan, “and whatever you say won’t change anything to trump supporters.”

This is when the outspoken punk rock veteran redirected his political anger and frustrations toward the Trump sympathizer, unleashing a savage condemnation basically disowning any of his fans who choose to side with the 45th president:

“well then go fuck your self you stupid piece of shit. If that’s the way you feel about mass destruction and murder then fuck off. Stay the fuck off my Instagram and don’t come back. Don’t listen to my fucking records. I have no problem telling ignorant fucks like you to go to hell. That goes for any other stupid fucks that think this behavior should normalized. Get the fuck out!”

Of course, this is hardly the first time Armstrong and Green Day have made headlines for their opinions on Trump. Previously, they chanted “No Trump/ No KKK/ No fascist USA!” during a performance at the American Music Awards shortly after the 2016 Presidential Election. The group also depicted Trump as an apocalyptic zombie in the music video for its politically-charged rock anthem “Back in the USA”.