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Caroline Rose shares video for new song “Soul No. 5”: Watch

on January 11, 2018, 3:45pm

February 23rd marks the release of Loner, the sophomore album from indie rocker Caroline Rose. The follow-up to 2014’s I Will Not Be Afraid is said to be her most hands-on to date and sees her continuing to showcase her satirical, “darkly comedic” songwriting.

Her cheeky style shines throughout the latest Loner single, “Soul No. 5″. After being catcalled on the street one too many times, Rose flips the script to take on the role of the catcaller. “’Soul No. 5’ was inspired by being catcalled and how weird and kind of funny it is,” she says in a press statement. “I find the machismo nature of catcallers kind of hilarious, so I thought it’d be funny to act out the part of a cocky catcaller who in reality isn’t all that impressive. Kind of like ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC.”

Rose elaborated further, referencing Lou Bega and Napoleon Dynamite:

“When I originally wrote this song the lyrics were much different, and I’d kind of grown tired of how earnest they were. In fact, the title, ‘Soul No. 5,’ is poking fun at how many versions of this song I’ve done. I also like that it is sort of reminiscent of ‘Mambo No. 5.’ The accompanying video, which Rose directed herself, brings out the humor and satire in the song. “I think the visuals can really enhance some elements that might get lost on listeners, humor being one of them. I had a particular vision to make this video slightly parodic, like a mix between a ’90s rap video and Napoleon Dynamite.”

Check it out below via its fun music video in which Rose lets loose in Coney Island.

For more of Loner, revisit lead single “Money”. In support of the new record, Rose will tour the US beginning in March; head here for all the dates.

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