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Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett comments on possible reunion: “I told them to call me if they need me”

on January 27, 2018, 4:45pm

Hope for a Genesis reunion is again swirling in the air, what with recent comments from keyboardist Tony Banks about how “it’d be fun to try” and that “we don’t rule it out.” As recently as 2016, Phil Collins himself also said he “wouldn’t rule it out,” and just last year bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford spoke longingly of his old bandmates. Now, guitarist Steve Hackett, who recorded with the band from 1971’s Nursery Cryme to 1976’s Wind & Wuthering, also shared some thoughts on a possible reunion with Kyle Meredith of Louisville’s 91.9 WFPK.

“I’m always open to that,” he said of a “reformation” of the band, a statement he doubled down on later in the interview. “I told them to call me if they need me.”

Hackett, it should be noted, has long been in support of a reunion of the group, and has been the driving force behind the Genesis Revisited Tour. Banks, he said, is a fan of what he’s doing with the tour. “As Tony Banks said to me, you’re preserving the heritage,” he explained. “I fought hard for those songs then and I fight hard for them now.”

“I’m putting my money where my mouth is, saying I think this is important,” he continued.

While he doesn’t sound overly optimistic about a reunion—”‘I wouldn’t rule it out’ is the company line,” he cracked before noting that “it’s highly improbable”—he did mention that he believes “something will happen” in accordance with an upcoming anniversary of 1974’s Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. He teased a possible reissue, but also that he was approached about a possible reunion around the album, though judging by his comments that doesn’t seem in the cards anymore.

Listen to the full interview below.