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Netflix confirms sequel to David Ayer’s disastrous orc cop fantasy Bright

on January 03, 2018, 11:00am


We found it to be a “baffling misfire” (and we weren’t alone), but Netflix loves Bright, its bizarre, tone-deaf action fantasy flick about cops, orcs, and strained race relations. The streaming service dropped the movie in December, and now it’s confirmed via a video announcement that a sequel is in the works. Stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton will be along for the ride, as will director David Ayer.

Not returning, however, is screenwriter Max Landis. In a now-deleted tweet from 2015, Landis said Bright could “potentially be my Star Wars”; unfortunately for him, Ayer will be handling scripting duties on the second go-around.

Bright may be very, very bad, but Netflix’s aggressive marketing for the film has paid off. According to The Hollywood Reporter it’s the number one movie on Netflix in over 190 countries. In its first three days of release, Nielsen reports an average of 11 million U.S. Netflix subscribers watched it, and that’s only the people who watched it through a TV.

That’s a good thing for Netflix as the stakes were high, what with Bright having a reported budget of $90 million, the most money they’ve put into a project as of yet.

Above, watch Netflix’s announcement video, which finds a series of orc actors auditioning for the sequel. There’s also some potential, tongue-in-cheek titles posited for the follow-up, such as Brighter, Wand Wars, and Orcs Gone Wild.