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SNL celebrates Stanley Tucci with Lil Pump parody “Tucci Gang”: Watch

on January 14, 2018, 3:53pm


17-year old rapper Lil Pump hit the scene back in October with his dumb, infectious breakout single “Gucci Gang”, and is now entertaining multi-million dollar offers in the wake of the dissolution of his contract with Warner Bros. Well, add another notch to the young rhymer’s belt ’cause he just found himself at the center of a Saturday Night Live parody, one that reimagines his hit song as an ode to character actor Stanley Tucci.

Pete Davidson plays Pump in “Tucci Gang”, and his rhymes cycle through some of Tucci’s breakout roles while also celebrating the actor’s marriage to Felicity Blunt, his cookbook, and the excellent Big Night, which Tucci wrote and directed. “32 years in the biz / I’m a big fan of his,” Davidson raps, “I got mad respect for his range / He should’ve been Dr. Strange.” The clip also perfectly mimics Pump’s video, which takes place at a school and finds Pump strolling through the halls with a tiger. Here, guest host Sam Rockwell rides atop that (CGI’d) tiger while donning his best Tucci costume.

Watch the sketch above, then scroll down to revisit Pump’s original “Gucci Gang” video.

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