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Confirmed: Jonny Greenwood and Sufjan Stevens (wearing Gucci) will attend the Oscars

on February 15, 2018, 12:33am

Sufjan Stevens and Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood are both nominated for Academy Awards this year. “Mystery of Love”, the original composition written by Stevens for Call Me By Your Name, is a finalist in the Best Original Song category, while Greenwood’s work on Phantom Thread has him in contention for Best Original Score.

Despite their nominations, there was no guarantee either musician would be in attendance for the March 4th announcement ceremony. Stevens recently admitted that he’s never even worn a tuxedo, and Greenwood quipped that “no one wants to see sweaty version of me, shambling around, looking embarrassed.” Fortunately, it appears both men have been convinced to walk the red carpet, and we have their respective directors to thank for making it happen.

Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino has come through with a tux for Stevens to wear. He’ll be outfitted in Gucci, as “Luca is close with the Gucci people because he lives near Milan,” Stevens told the New York Times.

As for Greenwood, during a recent appearance on Adam Buxton’s podcast, he shared a conversation he had with Phantom Thread director Paul Thomas Anderson. “He said, ‘Either you come and you’re dressed like an idiot, and that’d be brilliant. Or you come and you have to say something on stage, which would also be brilliant. So win-win for me,'” Greenwood recounted. According to The Associated Press, Anderson has since received confirmation that Greenwood will indeed be in attendance. “He’s coming!” wrote Anderson in an email to The AP. “I have confirmation!”

Now how about letting them perform?

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