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Frances Bean Cobain reveals her struggles with addiction: “It is an everyday battle”

on February 14, 2018, 4:38pm

Frances Bean Cobain has revealed that she is two-year sober.

In a new Instagram post, the 25-year-old daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love said she had “decidedly and deliberately” kept her sobriety private, but ultimately decided to share her story as it “might be informative, even helpful to other people who are going through something similar or different.”

She wrote:

“It is an everyday battle to be in attendance for all the painful, bazaar, uncomfortable, tragic, fucked up things that have ever happened or will ever happen. Self destruction and toxic consumption and deliverance from pain is a lot easier to adhere to. Undeniably, for myself and those around me becoming present is the best decision I have ever made. How we treat our bodies directly correlates to how we treat our souls. It’s all interconnected. It has to be. So I’m gonna take today to celebrate my vibrant health and the abundance of happiness, gratitude, awareness, compassion, empathy, strength, fear, loss, wisdom, peace and the myriad of other messy emotions I feel constantly. They inform who I am, what my intentions are, who i want to be and they force me to acknowledge my boundaries/limitations. I claim my mistakes as my own because I believe them to contribute to the dialogue of my higher education in life. I am constantly evolving. The moment I stop my evolution is the moment I disservice myself and ultimately those I love. As cheesy and cornball as it sounds life does get better, if you want it to. I’ll never claim I know something other people don’t. I only know what works for me and seeking to escape my life no longer works for me.”

Both of Frances’ parents publicly battled addiction. Kurt Cobain struggled with heroin and alcohol addiction up until his death at 27 years old in 1994, while Love spent several stints in rehab from the mid-90s through the mid-2000s.

Frances concluded her posting with the phrase “Peace, love, empathy,” which she intends to “reclaim… and define it as something that’s mine, filled with hope and goodness and health.” (That phrase was how her father ended his suicide note.)

Read her full note below.