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Full House creator Jeff Franklin evicted from his own show for bad behavior

on February 28, 2018, 2:13pm

Fuller House just got a little less full. Netflix has fired series creator and showrunner Jeff Franklin after investigating allegations of his poor behavior. Warner Bros. TV has also decided not to renew its overall deal with the sitcom veteran.

According to Variety, Franklin has been accused of poor behavior in the writer’s room and on the show’s set. He was often verbally abusive and made inappropriate sexual statements regarding his personal relationships. A source also said that staffers complained Franklin made a habit out of inviting women he was dating to the set and even giving them small roles.

Variety makes a point to note that Franklin has not been accused of sexual harassment or “engaging in physical misconduct with any staffers.”

It seems WB TV execs knew of Franklin’s behavior as far back as two years ago, when they received an anonymous letter listing out allegations against the showrunner. While it’s not known if an investigation was launched at the time, a slew of more recent complaints led to a probe and Franklin’s dismissal.

Franklin created the original Full House back in the late ’80s, and was integral in bringing its sequel series to Netflix. He’s now out just weeks after Fuller House was picked up for a fourth season.