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MGMT steal a song in the video for their new single, “Me and Michael”: Watch

on February 07, 2018, 12:58pm

MGMT are just two days away from releasing their first album in five years, Little Dark AgeWhile they’ve already shared three songs from the record — the title track, “When You Die”, and “Hand It Over” — they’ve decided to squeeze in one more before the deadline by sharing “Me and Michael” and its accompanying visuals.

“Me and Michael” is a dusky summer jam, a shimmering ode to friendship and a reminder that even the closest bonds can break. However, according to the story of the song’s video, MGMT didn’t actually write the tune; they lifted it straight from Filipino rock outfit Truefaith. (That’s a real band, fyi, but this is not a real story.)

In the clip directed by Joey Frank and Randy Lee Maitland, MGMT come across a YouTube video of Truefaith performing a song called “Ako at si Michael”. Moved by the melody and caught up in the insatiable appetite of consumerist culture, they decided to steal the tune and make it their own. Though they reach new heights with the track, it isn’t long before their plagiarism is called out and their sudden fame comes crashing down around them. Check out the video below.

Truefaith actually recorded a version of “Ako at si Michael” and filmed a video to complete MGMT’s vision. Check out their (honestly, equally as good) rendition below.

Little Dark Age is out February 9th via Columbia Records. MGMT will tour behind the release, including appearances at Delaware’s Firefly Music Festival, New Orleans’ BUKU Music & Art Project, and Madrid’s Mad Cool Festival. See their full schedule here, and grab tickets here.

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