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Something terrible is happening in the new teaser trailer for Stephen King’s Castle Rock: Watch

on February 01, 2018, 5:18pm

Goddammit do we want to watch Castle Rock right now. Ugh. Because they’re gluttons for punishment, Hulu has gone ahead and released the Super Bowl teaser trailer for their forthcoming (and incredibly mysterious) new Stephen King series, and, naturally, we’re losing our minds in anticipation.

It’s only 40 seconds long, but you get to see new glimpses of Sissy SpacekScott Glenn, Terry O’QuinnBill Skarsgard, Jane Levy, and André Holland. Things look pretty dire for all of them, from suicides to bloody dogs, making us believe Spacek when she insists that something terrible is happening.

As previously reported, the show was developed by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions, who produced 2016’s incredible 11.22.63 miniseries. The idea is to introduce a different set of characters and storylines each season, all while lacing in themes and specific characters from previous seasons.

The teaser confirms that we’ll finally see the series this summer. In the meantime, get busy livin’ by subscribing to The Losers’ Club, our weekly Stephen King podcast, for updates and a bi-monthly dissection into King’s body of work. This week, they’re howling through Cycle of the Werewolf.