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Trent Reznor curates Better Alone playlist: “Intended for listening in solitude”

on February 16, 2018, 5:08pm

We all need to chill out on our own sometimes, and music often serves as a means to heal the lonely soul. And while there’s plenty of curated playlists out there filled with chirping nature sounds or pretty strains of piano, not everyone is soothed by the same sounds. Us darker souls sometimes need a little menace in our ambience, which is exactly what Trent Reznor has given us with a brand new playlist, Better Alone, which you can play via Spotify or Apple Music.

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Comprised of cuts from both Nine Inch Nails and his atmospheric scoring work with Atticus Ross, the songs here provide a soothing, if occasionally unsettling, means of zoning out on your lonesome. “Darkness optional but recommended,” reads the playlist’s description. Reznor shared it on the Nine Inch Nails Facebook page earlier this week.

Stream it via Spotify below, or click here to access it on Apple Music.