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Ty Segall pens theme to Comedy Central’s new show Corporate: Stream

on February 07, 2018, 10:15am

Photo by Ben Kaye

It seems like Ty Segall is hoping to make his TV theme writing career as prolific as his psychedelic rock one. After providing the theme for The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, the Bay Area guitar hero has recorded the opening song for Comedy Central’s Corporate.

Co-creators and series stars Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman play Matt and Jake, appropriately, two men whose souls are being crushed by the corporate grind. The pair told No Joke podcast that getting Segall to do the theme was “a pie-in-the-sky idea” because “he’s one of our favorite musicians.”

“I keep being confused that dreams are achievable,” said Ingebretson. “It was not something I thought and I keep getting proved wrong. All you have to do is email someone and be ‘You’re great,’ and they’ll be like ‘I need money, too.'”

You can check out Segall’s grinding guitar theme in the Corporate preview clip below; skip ahead to the 2:22 mark. You can also tune into the show Wednesdays at 10:00 ET/9:00 CT, and pay close attention, as Segall wrote music for other parts of the show as well.

Segall released his latest album, Freedom’s Goblin, earlier this month. Read/listen to our review here.

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