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Donald Glover reveals his Childish Gambino face, buys all the Girl Scout cookies during Colbert appearance: Watch

on March 01, 2018, 10:36am

Donald Glover continued to prove himself one of the realest players in the game when he appeared on The Late Show Wednesday evening. The multihyphenate creative was there promoting the return of his Emmy-winning Atlanta, which premieres on FX tonight (March 1st). Stephen Colbert asked why the show didn’t focus on Glover as a rapper since he in fact raps as Childish Gambino. Glover brushed the idea off as “wack” because “I don’t think anybody wants to see a show about ‘making it.'”

He also said Atlanta compares more to Curb Your Enthusiasm than Twin Peaks because “being a rapper is super awkward. Because you’re in a video and you’ve got champagne and butts close to your face… and then you have to go to Whole Foods.” He went on to demonstrate how the “wrestler face” he has to put on as Childish differs from his normal one; if you go back and forth, there’s definitely a change in the brow.

Perhaps the best part of the interview came when Colbert brought up the viral video of a Girl Scout using “Redbone” to sell cookies. Glover said he’d really like to buy some from the little girl, whose name is Charity Joy, and so the host brought out her and her father. A man of his word, Glover ordered not just some of Joy’s cookies, but all of them. They even handed Thin Mints out to the audience.

Check out the entire interview below.

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