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Episode 56: Director Mary Lambert Talks Pet Sematary 1 and 2, Stephen King, and Dale Midkiff’s Sexy Body

on March 02, 2018, 1:00am

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“Raise some hell.”

Constant Listeners, it’s time to finally leave the sematary and head to the movie theaters, where there’s a double feature of Mary Lambert’s Pet Sematary and Pet Sematary 2. Even better, the filmmaker herself is in attendance.

Join Losers Mel Kassel, McKenzie Gerber, Michael Roffman, and Justin Gerber as they compare the films — including the 2015 documentary — all before they speak to Lambert about the behind-the-scenes secrets. There’s a lot to dig out.

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Chapters include: Intro, Pet Sematary 1 and 2 Square-Off (3:45), Unearthed and Untold Documentary Review (1:42:00), Final Thoughts (1:48:00), Interview with Mary Lambert (2:01:00), and Outro (2:46:45).

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