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Stephen King’s Carrie … Underwood?

on March 08, 2018, 12:00pm

Constant Listeners, did you know Carrie Underwood is a big Stephen King fan? Neither did we. That’s why we love these Bag of Bones episodes; we’re always learning something new from each and every one of you. Hey, that rhymes.

For this week’s episode, Losers McKenzie Gerber, Michael Roffman, and Justin Gerber share some colorful Needful Tweets, head to the sunny confines of Hollywood King, and, yes, open up another Bag of Bones. It’s a breezy episode.

Listen above and return next week when the Losers brave The Eyes of the Dragon, Stephen King’s fantasy novel with connections to The Dark Tower. In the meantime, show your support and leave us a glowing review on iTunes.

Chapters include: Intro, Needful Tweets (5:15), Hollywood King (36:30), Bag of Bones (53:00), and Outro (1:51:00).

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