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Julian Casablancas’ The Voidz let loose new album Virtue: Stream

on March 30, 2018, 12:12am

Today, Julian Casablancas’ experimental rock outfit The Voidz celebrate the release of their new album,Virtue. Apple Music and Spotify subscribers can stream it in full.

Due out via Cult/RCA Record, the LP marks the band’s second to date following 2014’s Tyranny. Of its 15 tracks, four were released as early singles: “Leave It In My Dreams”“QYURRYUS”, “All Wordz Are Made Up”, and “Pyramid of Bones”, featuring a crazed music video.

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In an interview with Vulture, Casablancas spoke about how his songwriting and has changed over time, both musically and lyrically:

“With the Voidz, we have such large-ranging interests and we like to see our ideas through in a musically interesting way. We all like things from jazz to hip-hop to metal. My long-term goal was to have a situation musically where I could focus on lyrics and harmony — I don’t really write drumbeats anymore because [drummer] Alex [Carapetis] is so next level. I’m still a little bit involved in some solos, but not so much, whereas back in the day I was writing the solos. And harmonically now the things I’m interested in are basically quarter-tone.”

The same discussion also saw The Strokes rocker make some controversial comments regarding the way “cultural brainwashing” has led to Ed Sheeran’s popularity.

Virtue Artwork:

images uploads album thevoidz virtue digitalcover flat 5in rgb 300dpi v1 Julian Casablancas The Voidz let loose new album Virtue: Stream

Virtue Tracklist:
01. Leave It In My Dreams
03. Pyramid of Bones
04. Permanent High School
05. AlieNNatioN
06. One of the Ones
07. All Wordz Are Made Up
08. Think Before You Drink
09. Wink
10. My Friend the Walls
11. Pink Ocean
12. Black Hole
13. Lazy Boy
14. We’re Where We Were
15. Pointlessness

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