Spike Lee eyes Marvel superhero film Nightwatch for Sony

on March 14, 2018, 2:41pm

A Spike Lee Comic Book Joint? It could be happening.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the acclaimed director is eyeing an adaptation of Marvel Comics’ Nightwatch for Sony. Cheo Hodari Coker, showrunner on Netflix’s Luke Cage, is in line to pen the script.

First thing’s first: This would not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s move on.

Nightwatch is a relatively obscure — and frankly strange and derivative — 1990s comic character who first appeared in the Web of Spider-Man series. Dr. Kevin Trench witnessed a superhero die in a battle with terrorists, and as any curious bystander would do, rushed over to unmask the fallen vigilante. He discovered the man in the suit was an older version of himself, so he stole the costume and took on the identity of Nightwatch.

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The suit utilized nanotechnology to repair itself and form bladed weapons, while also kick starting the wearer’s adrenal glands for added strength and durability. The attached cape responded to subconscious thought to act as a weapon or aid in glided flight. Many obvious comparisons were made to Spawn, whom Todd MacFarlene had debuted just one year before Nightwatch’s introduction; the costumes were remarkably similar, as was the articulated cape.

Nightwatch would go on to play a bit part in a number of Spider-Man and She-Hulk stories, even getting his own series for a few issues (but who didn’t in the ’90s?). The end of his story featured a convoluted retcon that essentially made Nightwatch a mass false memory put into people’s minds by Nighteater, Trench’s real, villainous identity. Yeah, I said it was strange.

Lee is currently working on Black Klansman, the real-life tale of an African-American detective who infiltrated the KKK in the late 1970s. With Nightwatch, Lee would be contributing to Sony’s interconnected Spider-Verse. Tom Hardy’s Venom kicks things off on October 5th, while Silver and Black (about Silver Sable and Black Cat) is set for February 8th, 2019. Morbius: The Living Vampire is also in the works.

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