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The Roseanne revival has already been renewed for a second season

on March 30, 2018, 5:03pm

Once it was announced earlier this week that the return of ABC’s Roseanne drew an astounding 18.2 million viewers earlier this week, it was only a matter of time until the inevitable came about. And sure enough, the network has already renewed the hit revival for a second (technically 11th) season, just as the first season of the revival gets going.

For the first time since its original run wrapped up in 1997, the show has clearly hit a nerve with America, and there’s already been no shortage of ink spilled regarding why that may be, and for that matter, whether it’s a good thing. Roseanne Barr’s vocal support of President Donald Trump has been an equal point of contention, particularly given that it’s already found its way into the show bearing her name. (And into real life as well; the President-Elect took some time out of his busy schedule to publicly congratulate the show, and by proxy as usual, himself.)

It’s hard to deny the series’ sustained appeal, regardless of your stances on Barr or her politics; 18.2 million, simply put, is a figure that very, very few broadcast shows are capable of drawing in the streaming era. That said, whether Roseanne is able to maintain this momentum remains to be seen; the show will reportedly address issues of healthcare, drug addiction, and other American working-class struggles throughout the rest of its initial return run. And that’s to say nothing of Barr, who’s already making waves for her public comments after just a few months back in the national spotlight.

While it continues to be a cultural lightning rod, Roseanne will air every week, Tuesdays at 7pm.

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