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Arca shares 11 minutes of new music called “Fetiche”: Stream

on April 11, 2018, 12:27am

Arca was involved in two of last year’s best albums — his own self-titled release and the record he produced for Kelela, Take Me Apart. That’s not to mention the wonderful work he did with Björk on her beautiful Utopia LP. Now, a fourth of the way through 2018, the Venezuelan producer is back with his first new music of the year.

The artist, aka Alejandro Ghersi, posted a nearly 11-minute video called “Fetiche”, which translates to “Fetish”. It’s not exactly clear if this is one solid track or a megamix of songs, as the YouTube description calls it, “new material and edits.” Translated from Spanish, the rest of the description reads, “Look inside yourself, free yourself from yourself; do not allow any abuse. Look inward, cut yourself loose from yourself; do not tolerate abuse.”

The clip itself comes from Arca and Carlos Sáez and finds someone — assumably Arca himself — demolishing a bouquet of flowers with some high heels. Check it out below.