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Riverdale Revives Carrie: The Musical, Finn Wolfhard Chats It: Chapter 2

on April 20, 2018, 12:19am

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Constant Listeners, are you ready for a a little song and dance … and murder?

For this week’s episode, Losers Michael Roffman and Justin Gerber reunite with Allison Shoemaker, who brings her TV Party to the Barrens. Together, they head to Riverdale to attend the latest revival of Carrie: The Musical. Spoiler: Things get messy on stage.

Along the way, they read through some Needful Tweets and stop by Hollywood King, where Richie Tozier himself, aka Finn Wolfhard, talks to honorary Loser Kyle Meredith about It: Chapter Two, Stranger Things 3, and his band Calpurnia.

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Chapters include: Intro, Needful Tweets (3:15), Hollywood King (22:00), Interview with Finn Wolfhard (56:30), Riverdale‘s Carrie: The Musical Revival (1:09:30), TV Party (1:37:00), and Outro (1:46:00)

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