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State of the Empire Episode 52: Interview Archives: Julian Glover, Daniel Logan, Jeremy Bulloch, Ben Burtt & More!

on April 23, 2018, 1:00am

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To keep tabs on the ever-growing pop culture zeitgeist that is Star Wars, we bring you State of the Empire. Led by Art Director Cap Blackard, the series speculates on the future of the franchise and looks for news in Alderaan places.

Did you know that, like the films, this podcast also has a prequel era? Before State of the Empire, before Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, Cap and co. did a number of interviews with Star Wars personalities. In this episode, we’re dusting off the data cores and revisiting a long time ago, in a podcast far, far away.

We speak with both Boba Fetts: the original man behind the mask, Jeremy Bulloch, and young Boba, Daniel Logan — discussing Bulloch’s favorite roles outside Star Wars and Logan’s carrying of the Fett mantle beyond the prequel films.

The venerable Julian Glover (aka Empire Strikes Back‘s General Veers and Last Crusade‘s Walter Donovan) discusses what might have been after his victory on Hoth. Legendary sound designer Ben Burtt shares the secrets of the “black hole”.

And finally, we hang out with three of the key players in bringing Jabba the Hutt to life: Jabba’s right-hand man, Dave Barclay, his left-hand man, Toby Philpott, and the guy behind the Hutt’s sultry figure and gorgeous eyes, John Coppinger. These revered puppeteers also share stories from working on classics like The Dark Crystal, The Fifth Element, and Little Shop of Horrors.

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