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Introducing Discography: A Podcast Deep Dive One Legendary Musician at a Time

on April 06, 2018, 5:30pm

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The Album: a definitive artistic statement. Put them all together and you get The Big Picture: a portrait of a career, a cross section of cultural movements, a tapestry of musical highs and lows.

Introducing Discography.

This new series from the Consequence Podcast Network sees cult indie-pop songwriter Marc With a C chronicling a legendary artist’s catalogue album by album. Walk in a novice, and come out well-informed and with a new favorite record or two. And if you’re a longtime fan, we’ll go deep enough that you’ll be brimming with new factoids and perspectives.

Each quarter, Marc takes you on multi-part expeditions into a single artist, and for our maiden voyage we’re tackling the most insurmountable adventure of them all: Frank Zappa.

Zappa is one of the most revered American musicians of all-time, and with 100+ records to his name, one of the most impenetrable. (Though Marc did write “A Beginner’s Guide to Frank Zappa”, if you’re looking to dip your toe.) What’s more, Zappa claimed that all of the 63 or so albums released in his lifetime can be listened to end-to-end to create one gigantic song. Can that possibly be true? We’re going to find out as over this 6-part weekly podcast event Marc travels from 1966’s Freak Out! to 1994’s Civilization Phase III, offering up the world’s first review of Frank Zappa’s career-spanning song.

The series caps off with Marc discussing Zappa tales and the fascinating (and holographic) ways the legacy will continue with actor, superfan, and official Zappa documentarian Alex Winter, multi-instrumentalist Mike Keneally, and other guests. Join us for a journey like no other through one of the most unique musical minds in music history.

The first installment of Discography: Frank Zappa debuts Tuesday, April 10th. Subscribe now via iTunes and follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.