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The Top 50 North American Pro Wrestling Entrance Themes, Ranked

on April 08, 2018, 1:00pm
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45. Disco Inferno (WCW)

Jimmy Hart & Howard Helm – “Disco Fever”

Okay, so “Disco Fever” is all hook. But does it matter when it took Glenn Gilbertti, perennial undercarder, and made him a cult hero throughout the whole bizarre run of WCW? Disco was never the best wrestler in WCW’s legendary cruiserweight division, let alone particularly compelling as a heavyweight, but his earworm of a theme will live on forever. You know you can hear those “yeah yeah yeah yeah”s as you read this. — Dominick Suzanne-Mayer

44. Val Venis (WWF)

Jim Johnston – “Hello Ladies”

Look. We won’t sit here and say that there isn’t at least a note or two of irony involved in our inclusion of the theme that announced to all Monday Night Raw audiences, during the first hour, that their favorite wrestling pornstar was here to win modest championships and, presumably, fuck. But from his angle with a recently recovered John Wayne Bobbit to the implication that he was, in canon, boning the majority of the WWF roster at the time, Val Venis remains an inexplicable favorite, a star in perhaps the only time where a man with his gimmick could possibly become one. — Dominick Suzanne-Mayer

43. Sasha Banks (WWE)

CFO$ – “Sky’s the Limit”

Women’s wrestling themes appear to be going through their own period of growth with the new generation. Where the Divas like Trish Stratus and even Torrie Wilson were handed well-meaning pop songs that fractionally sounded like something you could find on the radio (and Stacy Keibler had that “Legs” cover that almost made Kid Rock tolerable for a brief period of time), we now have a wave of songs that are legit (sorry) listenable on their own. And Sasha Banks’ is one of the finest examples of this wave. Even when it’s not being “performed live” by her cousin Snoop Dogg. — Sarah Kurchak

42. The New Age Outlaws (WWF/WWE)

Jim Johnston – “Oh, You Didn’t Know”

The Road Dogg is responsible for some of the worst catchphrase-based comedy of the Attitude Era, but I’ll be damned if “Oh, You Didn’t Know” didn’t pop me every time. Like many of the best themes, the song unleashes its adrenaline right from the outset; unfortunately, much like Road Dogg’s promos, it’s all downhill from there, with the song’s chugging, dirty licks never coalescing into anything memorable. — Randall Colburn

41. Shane McMahon (WWF/WWE)

Jim Johnston – “Here Comes the Money”

Let’s be real: if you were tasked with coming up for the perfect theme song for a trust fund kid who isn’t the worst but is best taken in small doses, “Here Comes The Money” is exactly what you would end up with. — Sarah Kurchak

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