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A remixed version of Arrested Development’s fourth season will be released this Friday

on May 01, 2018, 5:36pm

Were you among the many people who were thrown off by the Netflix-exclusive fourth season of Arrested Development when it was released in 2013? If so, you’re hardly alone. While the season was hardly without its share of belly laughs, it felt unusually disjointed for a show that made its name on the snappy rapport of its ensemble cast. This was due not only to the scheduling issues of a cast that all went on to do great work elsewhere after the show ended in 2006, but because of the timeline-jumping style adopted by the show’s creators for it.

If you weren’t feeling it the first time around, fret not, because as announced on the show’s Twitter page today, there’s going to be a new edit (or “remix”) of season four, one which might feel a lot more like the Arrested Development that gained such a dedicated fanbase:

As series co-creator Mitch Hurwitz notes, the season will be recut as a 22-episode series, styled more like the show’s three-season Fox run. It’s an interesting exercise for a show to attempt, but also a unique use of Netflix as a medium. (It also sets a bit of a weird precedent for the retconning of art based on fan reaction, but that’s another conversation for another time.) In any case, the “Fateful Consequences” version of season four will arrive this Friday, May 4th, just in time to celebrate Cinco de Quatro.

Meanwhile, season five of Arrested Development is coming to Netflix in the near future.

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