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Frank Zappa: From You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore to Civilization Phase III

on May 08, 2018, 12:00am

Is this phase five of Discography? It would appear to be. Indie rock musician Marc With a C has taken on the arduous task of reviewing all of the albums released in Frank Zappa’s lifetime end to end as … one big composition.

Yes! But does it work? “Yes and but also”: better than you’d think.

There’s more live material in this episode than you can shake a stick at — trust us, we’ve tried the stick test — and the purportedly massive composition seems to do more rewinding than usual as we hurdle towards our conclusion: Civilization Phase III.

The end of this episode seems pretty final, but don’t fret! We’ve still got one episode left in our Zappa journey. What could it be? Could a bunch of guests be dropping by? Will Marc read a bunch of listener mail? Will Marc finally change that intro statement he’s recited five times? All these things are distinctly possibilities.