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Breaking Down Hulu’s Castle Rock Trailer

on May 04, 2018, 12:07pm

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Constant Listeners, we’re getting closer and closer to Castle Rock, Maine. Judging from what we’re seeing and hearings, things are worser off than ever, from suicides to alligators to creepy inmates haunting the halls of Shawshank.

For this week’s episode, Losers Michael Roffman and Randall Colburn break down the latest trailer for Hulu’s mysterious new series, all before Colburn joins Justin and McKenzie Gerber for some Needful Tweets, Hollywood King, and a Bag of Bones.

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Listen above and return next week with a bag of Doritos as we eat our way through Richard Bachman’s pulpy 1984 novel, Thinner. While you’re at it, though, leave us a glowing review on iTunes. We love getting those. Sincerely.

Chapters include: Intro, Castle Rock Discussion (2:54), Needful Tweets (35:00), Hollywood King (53:00), Bag of Bones (1:28:30), and Outro (2:18:00)

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