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Foo Fighters meet their match in “Little Fonzie”, the 8-year old drummer who refused to leave the stage

on May 09, 2018, 5:36pm

It’s been an eventful tour for the Foo Fighters, who, over the past year, have enjoyed a live Rickroll with Rick Astley, a guest spot from John Travolta, the appearance of frontman Dave Grohl’s doppelgänger, and an honest-to-god marriage. The band, however, appears to have met its match in Nashville last week after inviting an eight-year old dubbed “Little Fonzie” onstage.

Inviting kids onstage to flaunt their musical skills isn’t a new thing for the band, but never before has one of these children sought to hijack the show in the manner of Little Fonzie, who took to the Foo’s drum kit with vigor. After playing a quick solo and getting a warm reaction from the crowd, the kid decided an encore was warranted. Dave Grohl and his bandmates, meanwhile, marveled at Fonzie’s audacity, with Grohl cracking, “Hey, Little Fonzie, can i have my concert back?”

Laughing, Grohl turned to the crowd: “I don’t know what to do. What are you going to do? There’s nothing we can do! We have a couple more songs we want to do. All right! Here we go! He’s still going.”

Once the pint-size drummer was shooed from the kit—”We’re not a daycare,” joked drummer Taylor Hawkins—the kid wandered over to Grohl, apparently telling him that “you guys are very famous.” In the end, it took the prospect of sugar to finally get the kid offstage, with Grohl sending him offstage to get a Coke.

See the adorable (and slightly cringeworthy) footage below.