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Stephen King approves of Hulu’s Castle Rock, which just revealed more plot details

on May 24, 2018, 3:08pm

Terry O’Quinn’s Dale Lacy narrated Hulu’s latest trailer for Castle Rock, the J.J. Abrams-produced anthology series named after the Maine town at the center of several Stephen King stories, but he’s nowhere to be found in a new Entertainment Weekly feature that takes us on set.

Instead, we spend time with Andre Holland, who plays death row lawyer Henry Deaver. In the process, we learn of his traumatic childhood—Castle Rock turned against him after an incident that resulted in the death of his father—and his, um, tenuous grasp on his profession—his clients usually die. We also learn that he’s being asked for by It’s Bill Skarsgård, who was apparently “discovered in a cage” deep beneath Shawshank State Penitentiary. Skarsgard is apparently known as “The Kid”, and we’re hoping that doesn’t make him related to the Stand character of the same name.

“He’s a very traumatized creature,” Skarsgård said in the piece. “He’s very feral. He’s not normal. Everything is off and wounded in some way.” He added, “A lot of what he’s been through has shaped who he is, and…I can’t say who he is without revealing what he’s been through.”

That’s fine. We don’t want spoilers.

There are some other interesting tidbits, including some insight from creators Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason, who describe themselves as “unreformed total Stephen King heads” (hey, so are we!). “When we returned to his library, a lot of his stories about prison and justice were really compelling to us,” Shaw said. “They’re the closest things to true-life monster stories that we tell ourselves as a culture. How do we assign blame? How do we reckon with the idea of evil and whether we believe in it?”

More good news, the piece reveals, is that King himself is a fan of the pilot. Granted, he also gave The Dark Tower his blessing, so…

The piece also provides some background for Melanie Lynskey’s real estate agent Molly Strand, the dementia-ridden Ruth Deaver (Sissy Spacek), and King veteran Alan Pangborn, who actor Scott Glenn says is living with “a bitterness, day by day.” We’re guessing things didn’t work out with Polly Chalmers.

Revisit the trailer below, and gear up for the series premiere on July 25th. King fan site Lilja’s Library reveals the season’s first three episodes will air that night. Oh, and be sure to tune into Consequence of Sound’s own The Losers’ Club, our weekly Stephen King podcast, for updates and a bi-monthly dissection into King’s body of work.

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