The remake of The Crow is now without its director and star, once again

on May 31, 2018, 5:12pm

Let’s just start with the obvious question: why, exactly, do we need a remake of Alex Proyas’ doomed 1994 film The Crow? Sure, it inspired the aesthetics of so many ’90s goths, and one of the better wrestling gimmicks of that same era, but it’s also more famous for the thing that makes it infamous than on its own merits. The somber reality of Brandon Lee’s final performance has always hovered over all dialogue related to the film, and given the circumstances of his passing, it’s impossible for talk of a new take on The Crow to dredge them up in turn, which alone makes a remake a little harder to swallow.

It also doesn’t help that the Crow remake appears to have absorbed the same curse that beset Terry Gilliam and The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, as the Sony production has now lost both its director and its star. Corin Hardy and Jason Momoa have both left the production, which in recent years has seen multiple leads come and go, Hardy himself leave the project and return again, and now (according to Deadline) Sony’s nearing abandonment of the film’s worldwide distribution. Hardy and Momoa reportedly left due to concerns about the stability of the production, which Sony had slated for a October 19th, 2019, despite the deal with the film’s financiers not yet being closed.

Momoa went on Instagram to address Crow fans earlier today:

As it would seem, we’re back to the drawing board on a revival of the property. One can only wonder how many attempts the industry has left in it, but if the times have taught us anything, it’s that where there’s a would-be franchise, there’s a way. The 2019 release date is still intact for the moment, but with production having been near commencement before today’s news, don’t be surprised if The Crow ends up shelved once more.