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XXXTentacion’s music restored to Spotify playlists amid cries of censorship

on May 24, 2018, 11:39pm

Earlier this month, Spotify launched a new “Hate Content & Harmful Conduct” policy that promises to stop promoting artists guilty of misconduct. The first two high-profile artists subject to the policy were R. Kelly and XXXTentacion; the former’s terrifying allegations are well documented, while the latter’s actually been charged with physically abusing a pregnant woman in addition to a host of other allegations. Now, according to a report from Bloomberg, Spotify is walking back that policy a bit.

Bloomberg reports that, though they have no plans to begin promoting Kelly’s music again (not that it matters), the streaming platform has chosen to restore XXXTentacion’s music to its flagship playlists. As Billboard reported, XXXTentacion was, unlike Kelly, being financially impacted by the policy. Spotify made this move after receiving criticism from high-profile artists like Kendrick Lamar, who argued that the policy will single out artists of color.

Spotify is reportedly “talking to the music industry and civil-rights activists about how and when to adjust its rules in a manner suitable to both sides.”

Despite it being “too late,” Kelly’s music has also been removed from rotation and promotion on Apple Music and Pandora.

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