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Benedict Cumberbatch rescues food delivery bicyclist from violent attack

on June 02, 2018, 4:25pm

Benedict Cumberbatch is a hero on and off the screen.

The Doctor Strange actor is being credited for rescuing a food delivery bicyclist who was being attacked by a group of men in London, the Guardian reports.

According to an interview with the Sun, Cumberbatch had his Uber driver pull over after witnessing the cyclist being hit over the head with a bottle. “[Cumberbatch] stood there instructing them in the street, shouting, ‘Leave him alone,'” his driver recounted. “I had hold of one lad and Benedict another. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He was very brave. He did most of it, to be honest.”

“They tried to hit him but he defended himself and pushed them away. He wasn’t injured. Then I think they also re­cognised it was Be­ne­dict and ran away,” the driver added.

Asked why he intervened, Cumberbatch told the Sun, “I did it out of … well, I had to, you know.”

Deliveroo, the company who employed the cyclist, has issued a statement thanking Cumberbatch for “his heroic actions.”

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