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Hall of Faces: “Who’s the Greatest Character on The Americans?”

on June 04, 2018, 2:00pm

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For our fourth entry in the Hall of Faces, Allison and Clint (with Kate Kulzick in tow) celebrate the host of spies, killers, and handlers in FX’s recently completed series The Americans with a fierce debate – does only one of the Jennings deserve to get in, or do we say “why not both?”

Who else gets in? Martha? Claudia? The mail robot? Like the show itself, the latest TV Party takes its cast on some breathtaking twists and turns, with more than a few difficult, world-shattering decisions to make.

While we’re at it, we weigh in on the exhaustive, week-long controversy surrounding Roseanne‘s cancellation, start our season-long segment of Bachelorette haikus, and much more!

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4:28 – TV News:
 Roseanne-gate, Lethal Weapon cast infighting, Samantha Bee, Heathers, Legion renewal, and more

20:47 – Episodes of the Week:
Kate: Michelle Wolf: Nice Lady (Netflix), The Americans, “START” (FX)
Clint: Pose, “Pilot” (FX); The Expanse, “It Reaches Out” (Syfy); The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, “Party Monster: Scratching the Surface” (Netflix)
Allison: The Americans, “START” (FX); JR Smith and LeBron, Vida (Starz)

40:47 – Bachelorette Haiku

Hall of Faces: The Americans
43:42 – Discussion of format
54:36 – Characters we left out

1:02:59 – Round One – Choose the Character
Kate: Martha Hanson
Allison: Elizabeth Jennings
Clint: Phillip Jennings

1:18:27 – Round Two – Debate

1:23:06 – Picks for Next Week:
Allison: Dietland (AMC), Vida (Starz)
Kate: Sense8 finale (Netflix); premiere of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger (Freeform); Queen Sugar (OWN)
Clint: Sense8 finale (Netflix)