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New photos of Johnny Depp concern fans about his health

on June 03, 2018, 1:00am

Weird times for Johnny Depp. At nearly 55 years old, the veteran star still makes the big bucksDisney keeps sending him on more voyages as Captain Jack Sparrow; Warner Bros. brought him into the wizarding world of Harry Potter; and he’ll soon solve Tupac and Biggie’s murders  — but most of his commercial successes have been mired in personal controversies (see: his not-so-amicable relationship to Amber Heard).

Those controversies persist as many people are now concerned over his current health. As Billboard reports, Depp took some photos with fans while performing in St. Petersburg, Russia with his band, Hollywood Vampires. As you can see in the photos below, the blockbuster star has certainly lost a substantial amount of weight, which has led many to speculate whether he’s “sick” or “weak.”

Take a look for yourself:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the reasoning for Depp’s new look is unclear. Currently, he’s in post-production on City of Lies and Richard Says Goodbye, the latter of which he plays a professor who’s been given a life-changing diagnosis. So, most likely this loss can be attributed to that role, and he’s simply followed in the footsteps of his former Public Enemies co-star Christian Bale, who does this every other movie.

Either way, one can only hope for the best.