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ScHoolboy Q rap battles his eight-year-old daughter while driving: Watch

on June 04, 2018, 10:37am

For good reason, there’s been only one rap feud dominating headlines this week. However, there’s been another slice of beef broiling at the same time, and we’ve all been too swept up to notice it: ScHoolboy Q versus his young daughter, Joy.

An old Snapchat video dug up by the ever-diligent subreddit Hip-Hop Heads shows Q trading bars with his fiery progeny. Things start innocently enough, with the TDE rapper spitting along to Shawty Lo’s “Dunn Dunn” while Joy chills in the back. Perturbed by her father’s annoying dad habits, the young gun tosses a cup at the phone — shots fired.

That’s when Joy starts freestyling, taking her pops to task. “I’m down with you okay, hey/ And yes you are my dad-dy/ I don’t want your trash talk,” she says, before essentially calling Q fat. But dad doesn’t hold back in his retort, either, saying, “You got them ugly dreads/ You ain’t really my daughter/ Sorry, ’bout to kill you/ ‘Bout to get slaughtered.” Dude, that’s your daughter! Vicious!

(Before we get all up in arms here about a parent saying he’s about to “kill” his child, let’s remember that Q clearly loves his Joy. He’s rapped about her frequently, put her on the cover of Oxymoron, and took her down the Grammy’s red carpet wearing a pink hoodie that read, “Girl Power.” The dude’s a great dad, and this is just how they mess around, bless ’em.)

Check out the video below to hear all the sick burns.

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