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After being kicked out of Slayer show — fan attempts to swim back into venue

on June 03, 2018, 5:10pm

Slayer is entering into the final months of their farewell tour, which wraps up this August in San Jose. There’s a need, then, amongst diehard fans to make the most of these shows, to headbang harder than ever before. That was certainly the case for Chris LaRocque, who was booted out of the band’s recent Toronto gig for rocking out a touch too hard. The worst part? He was kicked out during opening act Testament, thus causing him to miss not only Slayer, but also his beloved Anthrax.

As such, a few measly security guards weren’t going to keep him out of the Budweiser Stage, which is surrounded on all sides by Lake Ontario. Yep, a sauced LaRocque swam his ass back into the venue and Anthrax’s Scott Ian snapped a few pics to commemorate the occasion.

Unfortunately, his plan didn’t work too well. He was intercepted by security upon making it across the pond and given medical assistance. Slayer guitarist Gary Holt, however, was impressed by LaRocque’s efforts and tried to persuade venue staff to let him back in. Alas, the law won and the would-be concertgoer was booted yet again.

“I was a little inebriated, not like fall-down drunk or nothing, but I was feeling pretty good,” LaRocque said in an interview with Exclaim, saying he was kicked out for “headbanging and moshing around a little bit” (other attendees, it should be noted, characterize it differently). Outside, he didn’t seem to have much concern about the swim. “I was worried about getting my junk in the water and freezing,” he said.

“I wasn’t going fast. I was just trying to be incognito,” he added. “I had my camouflage hat on, so I thought that might help.”

(Side note: I was booted from this very same venue for standing on the lowest rung of a fence at a Blink 182 show in 2001, and can confirm the Budweiser Stage’s security is harsh as hell. I can also confirm that I, too, looked at that body of water as an alternative way in; unlike LaRocque, however, I didn’t have the stones.)

Anyways, because there’s something undoubtedly metal about sacrificing one’s reason and physical well-being for loud, demonic music, LaRocque’s since been offered tickets to an upcoming London date. If you see him there, be sure to give the dude a glass of water every half hour. No need for this to happen twice.