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Recapping Castle Rock: “Severance”, “Habeas Corpus”, and “Local Color”

on July 26, 2018, 8:46am

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Constant Listeners, we’ve finally arrived at Castle Rock — Hulu’s Castle Rock, that is — where there’s been a mysterious discovery deep within the bowels of Shawshank State Prison. What implications will it have on the sleepy town? We’re going to find out.

Kicking off our weekly coverage is Losers Randall Colburn, McKenzie Gerber, and Michael Roffman, who spend two hours dissecting the first three episodes — “Severance”, “Habeas Corpus”, and “Local Color” — of the highly anticipated series.

Listen above and stay tuned next week for another episode recap. Or, you can head to Chicago for some more Castle Rock lore with our own Stephen King Film Festival, which touches down at the Music Box Theatre this weekend.

If not, keep reading It and leave us a glowing review on iTunes.

Chapters include: Intro, Greetings from Castle Rock (10:50), Heroes and Villains (41:40), Shining Moments (1:18:00), The Sematary (1:31:30), Misery (1:39:30), King’s Dominion (1:44:15), Room 237 (1:52:15), Final Thoughts (2:04:30), and Outro (2:11:00)

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