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Demi Lovato’s dumbass drug dealer makes on-camera confession to TMZ

on August 27, 2018, 12:11pm

The man responsible for supplying Demi Lovato with the drugs that led to her overdose last month spoke candidly about the incident in a new interview with TMZ.

Brandon Johnson admitted on camera to providing Lovato with “aftermarket pills,” which they smoked together in the early morning hours of July 24th. Johnson said Lovato had fallen asleep when he left her house, but maintained she showed no signs of distress.

“100%… she knew what she was taking,” Johnson said. “I disclosed to her that these were not pharmaceutical, they’re after market pills… they’re much stronger. She understood fully. It was unfortunate what happened, but for anyone to think there was any misconception on my behalf is absolutely ridiculous. ”

Later, when asked if the incident was a “wake up call,” Johnson answered, “It’s definitely a wake up call for her, and for me, it definitely opens my eyes to the dangers of these drugs. In the wrong hands and in the wrong usage, they can be hurtful. I’m not trying to hurt my friend, she’s a really good friend of mine.”

As TMZ points out, Johnson was arrested in March after being found in possession of drugs, guns, and cash. The follow month, he was arrested again and charged with a DUI and possession of cocaine. He has not yet been charged for his role in Lovato’s overdose, but something tells me his on-camera confession might expedite that process.

Update – September 4th: TMZ reports that Johnson will not face criminal charges, “because an overdose is categorized as a medical emergency, and a self-induced one at that.”

For Lovato’s part, she recently entered an out-of-state drug rehab facility.