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How Janet Jackson Got Her Groove Back and Became Unbreakable

on August 07, 2018, 12:00am

Janet Jackson – while still rightfully considered to be one of the biggest stars that the Western world has ever known – was practically silenced in the world of popular music by a 2004 “media blacklist.” After that, it would appear that only a fraction of the music-buying public was even aware that she continued to make music after the event that came to be known as “Nipplegate.

In this penultimate episode of our Janet Jackson season of Discography, host Marc With a C, aided and abetted by certified Jacksons freak/funkmeister/DJ Chris LeBrane, was determined to see how these lesser known albums – 20 Y.O., Discipline, and Unbreakable – would stack up against the rest of her illustrious recording career. You might be surprised at their reactions – as well as who might’ve been not-so-secretly steering the Janet Jackson ship in the late 2000s!