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Deranged murderer of John Lennon denied parole for 10th time

on August 23, 2018, 6:20pm

Useless blood bag Mark David Chapman, who’s been serving a life sentence over at New York’s Wende Correctional Facility for killing beloved Beatle John Lennon back December of 1980, was denied parole for a 10th time today (via ABC).

Not that anyone’s surprised. The 63-year-old deranged lunatic was denied two years ago in 2016, and he’ll likely be denied two years from now in 2020 when he’s up for parole once more. If anything, this story is to prove that, yes, justice still exists in this world.

On that note, does anyone remember that hilarious scene in Private Parts, when Howard Stern tries to get Robin Quivers’ loser replacement to say, “I want to kill Mark David Chapman,” on the air? As Stern adds, “I say electrocute him.”