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Recapping Castle Rock: “Filter” Draws Suspiciously Close to The Dark Tower

on August 15, 2018, 11:01am

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Our weekly coverage of Hulu’s Castle Rock continues as Losers McKenzie Gerber, Dan Caffrey, and Michael Roffman head into the forest for “Filter”.

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Together, they talk about Ruth’s chess board, the sounds of the universe, Pangborn’s junkyard trip, and whether or not this series is heading to Mid-World.

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Chapters include: Intro, Greetings from Castle Rock (12:25), Heroes and Villains (18:25), Shining Moments (47:00), The Sematary (52:15), Misery (55:35), King’s Dominion (1:00:00), Room 237 (1:04:30), Final Thoughts (1:12:30), and Outro (1:17:15)

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